Alternative to a Tree Fern?


9 Years
Sep 16, 2010
Pensacola, FL
I am in Florida and my growing zone is 9a but we did get an ice storm this past winter. A few years ago I bought a tree fern and I kept it potted for a while then I planted it. The winter came and it died. I thought that the Australian tree fern would be tough enough to survive here but I guess not although who knows maybe it didn't get established enough before the cold hit.

Anyways, is there a good hardy alternative to the tree fern that anyone knows about? I am mainly interested in the look of those big, feathery, fern leaves. I was watching Treehouse Masters recently and saw that one lady's yard had huge ferns that looked like tree ferns but they were just regular ferns. I liked the look of those. So is there any kind of giant fern that is hardy? I figure it might die back in winter and come back in the Spring which is fine as long as it comes back!

Tree ferns are just one of those plants I really want...Someday I would like to have a big greenhouse so that I can have tree ferns and other tropical plants that don't do well in our winters.
Thanks, that is a good article. Unfortunately I am in the cold part of Florida. It definitely gets below 20 deg F (sometimes as low as 5 deg F) here and I noticed most of them start to die at around 25 deg F.

I do know of local places that sell them. Eventually I might get another tree fern and just bring it inside for the winters. I would like to get a greenhouse. That would help. I also read not too long ago about all kinds of cycads and some of them are pretty neat looking and they are more cold hardy than the tree fern.
Lowes had some tree ferns in smaller pots earlier this summer but I didn't buy one because they looked like they hadn't been watering them and I wasn't sure if they would live lol. Most definitely need winter protection. I would love to have a large one in my yard like some I saw in S. FL.

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