Altruistic hen?

Feb 8, 2018
Wildomar, CA
I have a dark brahma and an Americuana who grew up together, got them at about 4 months. The brahma will grab treats I give them and drop it by the Americuana, wait until she grabs it and then get her own.

The Americuana injured her thigh a few months ago, she's fine now but took a toll in her pecking order. The dark brahma is prob top 3/14 in the pecking order although super docile, the Americuana is pretty much at the bottom. They also always sleep next to each other, the Americuana literally curling herself around SilverStreak..First time I notice this, she is one of the friendliest girl I had.

She's a big girl but the chicks also like her a lot and vice versa.

lol, sorry, kinda sappy, but she's the sweetest.

IMG_0288.jpg IMG_0299.jpg IMG_0297.jpg IMG_0297.jpg

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