Always a progress with Coturnix.

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    6 years ago, I was gifted a little pharaoh male "Stella" by a professor at Oregon State University.


    Yes, Stella is a standard pharaoh. He is missing a wing to a predator attack. That is how I ended up moving my quail facility indoors. Stella also has a bum leg since he fractured his distil tibia at 13 days old trying to fly. I didn't know how fast Coturnix grow! WOW!

    I work with color, genetics, and size with the coturnix, and after 6 years of selectively breeding stock of each and every color, I have gotten a nice stock to send to people all over the states and share.


    Pictured is Stella on the right and one of his sons on the left. Using large females and breeding Stella to them, I could use his strong bloodlines and produce a nice meat bird. I crossed the brown with Texas A and Ms to get some larger white meat birds as well.

    One of my newest members to the flock is "Bear" He is from Tennessee


    Bear will be going with my Texas A and M flock that are pure white. I like the whites a lot.

    Here are a couple birds on the scale, 7 weekers I weighed in ounces.



    I keep birds that weigh 10 ounces or more at 7 weeks. I cull at 9 weeks old or if they are usable for a color pen I will use them that way.

    More photos to come: It's coffee time.

    Happy Easter!
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    wow 400 gram Cot few more grams and you can start calling them chickens

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