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  1. 1-1/2 month old Speckled Sussex chick.
    She lost all of her flock mates with in the 1st 2 wks we had them. Red was in her stool back when she lost her flock mates, but since they all died, her stool has cleared up completely. (I check her daily for lice, as we just found them last week on many birds in our flock, so dusting has been my high concern and she hasnt had any live since I started treatment for it)
    She eats and drinks perfectly..she moves around with her new flock, but is always puffed up with her wings hanging half down, tail always down.
    Everytime I observe her, she is just standing still, puffed up, and dozing off. I have isolated her a few times to monitor her poop. Than return her to her flock when all seems fine.
    She moves with her flock mates, but when ever they stop to scratch, she just stands there, puffed up and dozing off.
    I officaly isolated her today, thinking I will do a full 7 day Corid treatment. With vitamins to follow after her treatment of corid is over.
    Are there certain breeds that just act lethargic and always puffy, (for the entire time I have had her) or is it right for me to start a treatment plan?
    Another notation, she is like a month 20191021_184008.jpg 20191021_190427.jpg inCollage_20191021_191053209.jpg older than her new flock mates, which are all Amerucaunas, and they are already double her size.. Like she isn't growing
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    You're correct. Get her started on Corid immediately. Skip the vitamins. Provide her plain boiled white rice mixed with buttermilk for 2 days. Then after the Corid treatment, worm her with Valbazen liquid cattle/sheep wormer 1/2cc orally, then repeat again in 10 days. Then provide her the plain boiled white rice mixed with buttermilk again.
  3. Interesting, what is the rice n buttermilk helpful for?
    Are worms somthing I should be conserned with? Or is that a precautionary thing?
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    Poor baby. I hope she feels better soon
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    Her comb & wattles are very pale, follow @dawg53 remedy. Part of it could be depression :hugs
  6. Without her other Speckled mates that we lost, I havent had another to compare her comb color to. But, good eye. @ChickNanny13 :highfive:
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    To help balance her gut and get it calmed down. The probiotics in buttermilk are more easily absorbed than yogurt for birds. The rice will help calm the digestive tract. Coccidia can do a lot of damage, likewise so can worms. If you have a vet that will do a fecal for you, that would remove any doubt.
  8. I will be doing her float test tomorrow for sure.
    So only do the rice n buttermilk now? Sorry, I got confussed on that... Like, remove her crumble while offering the rice mix or just giver her some now, than again after treatment?
    And thank u for the advise :hugs
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