Am i a hen or a roo?breed?


6 Years
Jul 20, 2013
Willard Mo

I think she is a hen ? She is 6 weeks old has 5 toes on both feet an some feathers on her legs..i have the parents not completely sure what they are Rir and a mix?
The first one is a rooster if it is six weeks old. Your girls do look like hatchery RIR or production reds, does your rooster have five toes also, or just the chick and does he also have feathers on his feet? He kind of looks like a cochin, for five toes dorkings are fairly short legged also, maybe a mix?
The rooster does have five toes an feathers on his feet..he is mean as heck 6 week old im for sure is 6 weeks i hatch it on July 21i really wanted it to be a her :( the chick is so gentle and flighty

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