Am I A Hen or A Roo?


10 Years
Apr 8, 2009
Washington State
We have three RIR all purchased at the same time, from the same feed store. We know we have a roo, and a hen, but one we are unsure about. They are about 15-16 weeks old.


Our definite roo.


Our definite hen.


The chicken in question. The same feathering as the hen, but the comb and wattles throw us off as they are much larger and redder than the other hen, but not quite as big as the roo. She/he doesn't crow, but has the same growly-ness as the roo and is much, much louder than the other hens.

Thanks everyone!
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She is a hen, her comb is getting darker and bigger because she is probably about to start laying

Keep an eye on that Roo, RIR's can get pretty unfriendly, especially after the girls start laying
That Roo sure looks older than 16 weeks, though.....
Thanks for asking the question. We were wondering the same thing this morning with two of our chickens that are same breed and look a lot like your pictures. The one that has the much larger comb doesn't crow either. I was going to take pics tonight and ask the same question! Have to show this post to my husband when I get home.

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