Am I a hen or roo??


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Apr 22, 2011
Still wondering about this one. Here are some pictures as he/she has been growing:

A few days after we got our chicks, on April 5:

When we started to think this was a roo:

And again, nice little crown and wattle starting to grow.

This was taken about two days ago. The crown and wattle have both grown a little bit (the crown more than wattle) but not as much as our other two who are quite obviously roos.


I have a better picture of the face but I'm having issues getting it off of my phone.

This one is very sweet and quiet (opposed to the obvious roos who are starting to practice crowing
). The others like to snuggle next to him/her on the roost for warmth and this one doesn't seem to mind at all.

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Kind of on the edge about this one.... AGE would help. some pullets have red combs and wattles....yours does not have as pointy feathers as i would like to see, and the comb does not seems totally bright red.
No idea on age. That's why I included the pic a few days after we bought our chicks. I'm guessing they were 2-3 weeks? That would make them between 10-11 weeks now. But that's just a wild guess.

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