Am I a mut?? Am I a girl or a boy? My new momma wants to know...

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Betsy's Mom

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10 Years
Oct 1, 2009
Central FL
This is Betsy, my new foundling chicken. I don't think she/he is fully grown though. She is very tiny but very sweet. I brought her inside to take pictures since it was dark outside.


I am a tiny chicken.



We surfed the web trying to see what type of chicken I am...
If she's extra sweet and small I'd say Old English banty,color may be a cross of 2 varieties. The comb looks like my OEG girls,it's small and kinda spikey,here's 2 for example at 5-6mo.The tan one jumps on my back any time I bend down she's my favorite "honey girl". Bantam OEG are usually really sweet,from what I've read standard OEG are waay diffrent. Hope that helps U.
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Thank you guys very much!
I am absolutely in love with her. I have never seen a bird so sweet. She completely changed how I feel about birds. I didn't think she was fully grown so I got her the grow feed at the feed store. I'm glad I did.This site is so great and I've learned a lot.

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