Am i caring for this wounded chicken correctly?

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  1. deidei

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    Jul 15, 2011
    A raccoon bit/ scratced a large wound ( for a 8 week old chick) on my chick. it is about the size of a half dollar, and all the feathers on the area are missing. the wound is on the wing, near the shoulder and neck. .We sprayed it with pain reliever, put a bandade on it, and wrapped it to her body. right now she is living still with the other chickens, but separated by chicken wire so she can still see them and not be lonely. she has a supply of food and water. the coop is on her side of the chicken wire.

    im afraid that her wing is going to heal slightly crooked. here is a video that has her in it, a little to the end.




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    In my opnion:
    Nice wrap! You're a good amature vet. Keep it clean and check no less than every other , and then every 3rd day. Wash off any dirt and debris with a betadine soultion of 1 teaspoon to 16 oz water. Dry and re-wrap. You may put neosporine on the woulnd. Never put any pain killer with "caine" (like novacane, benocaine etc.) on them as it is like poison to them. It's perfect that you have her alongside the others. Her calmness because she is not lonely will help in healing. Don't worry about a little bit of a crooked wing, it could be muscle weakness that may go away or tendon damage that won't. What matters is that it doesn't drag on the ground to cause her trouble and she still loves you as much as you love her. They and us, we can't all be show quality! [​IMG]
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    Jul 15, 2011
    thanks so much!
  4. 7L Farm

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    Jul 22, 2010
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    Looks good from here. She's also moving around she should heal up just fine.
  5. 1livelychick

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    Feb 22, 2010
    Great work! Pretty Chick! Sounds good....animal bites are dirty and she'll need some antibiotics to fight the infection. It's also good to let a dirty wound drain. Tylan or baytril are what I have learned for animal bites. You can give it orally. SHe's young so it wouldn't take much...really depends on her weight Good luck!

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