Am I coddling my chicks?

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Feb 14, 2018
I've left my heat lamp at the same height for the past 3 weeks (4.5 week old chicks). My brooder is fairly large and definitely has space for them to move to if they're hot. They'll go all over but come back and sleep kinda on the edge of where the light is (a foot or 2 away from directly under the light). I was thinking "if they're too hot, they'll move" but now I'm wondering if I should raise the light just to force them to acclimate to a colder (still 70+) environment.
Yes you need to raise the lamp.

They are sleeping on the fringes so its a bit to warm.

Its important to wean them from the heat and it seems its time to get that started.
Rule of thumb I read years ago and it works good is 5 degrees a week. Start at 100 degrees under lamp for first week out of incubator then raise heat enough to drop 5 degrees a week, 4th week your at 80. I switched to using a ceramic reptile heater bulb and putting a light on a timer to simulate day/night so they are not subject to 24 hrs light. They seem to benefit from the rest period with lights out they certainly quiet down when lights out!

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