am i doing enough to tame my chicks down alot

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    none of my chickens are that tame. i am trying to make my 4 little 2 week old silver laced wyandotte hens tame. they were at the feed store for the first week and they didnt get much holding. but in the week i've had them im holding them and petting them once every day. is that enough to make them tame when they're adults.
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    Time in hand doesnt seem to matter as much as the connection to safety and you.
    Put feed in your hand and let them take it, spend time near them and let them be comfortable around you.
    If you can interact with them a lot, but dont bother them much until they start coming tword you and practically jumping out of the brooder to get close to you.

    You're not really taming a chicken your becoming a chicken mama.
    Do what mama does, watch, help them eat and drink, maybe even play with them.
    Do that and the little ones will forever be on your side. Just remember that if any of the babies turn into a rooster you have to turn into the bigger rooster.

    That's my way and it seems to work well.

    EDIT: It really helps to have a good head start (chicks & pullets), but older chickens can be turned aroud too.
    Holding can scare them, espically older ones, so I try to do a lot of touching as they roost if I'm in the coop at that time.
    A little bit of touch time before bed can be worth a lot, lets them feel safer. (good advice for people too ;)
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