Am I doing something wrong? Coturnix...


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
SW Ont, Canada
I had a batch hatch on July 11. They are still not laying. The males are not producing any sperm foam. Nothing.

They were currently outside, recently (within last two days) moved inside. There light is supplemented in the barn. While they were outside, they got enough daylight to ensure best conditions.

They are being fed Purina. Started on startena, now, and have been for about 6 weeks, layena.

Their "parents" are still laying, but I'm starting to get some soft shells. So I put oystershell in thier food. the "parents" hatched on June 19/09, so around three months old, and they started laying at 6 weeks.

What the heck is going on????!?!

Yes, they are having 14 hours of continuous light, I thought I already said that. We are still getting 14 hours of continuous light outside. they were just recently moved indoors where light is supplemented.
I will report back in a week, then
These Birds Are Only 10-11 Wks Old. Some Batches Take Longer Than Others.... Ultimately The Best I Can Tell You Is That They Will Lay When They're Good N Ready And Not 1 Day Sooner (i Know, I Know Its Enough To Make You Crazy--lol) So Long As You Are Anxious For It They Will Go Slower And Slower And Slower--- I Think They Can Tell And Do It On Purpose At Times....

Good Luck With Them. And Dont Worry They'll Start Laying---- Someday....
Also make sure to have them on a high % layer. Alway had all laying by 10 weeks old, the first at 6 weeks, most by 8 weeks.

Had them laying where its so cold if you didnt get the eggs in time they would freeze, its not the temp. , but how long the daylight, 16 hour to 18 the best
I think it's just the time of year, if you increase their light that should help. I have some that were hatched about the same time, and out of 10-15 that are for sure females I get 3 eggs a day.

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