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    I have recently added a coop extension. I extended my run and put a second coop on the other end. I can have one large run with a coop on each end or close it off and have 2 separate runs and coops. The extension will serve as a grow out pen or breeding pen ect.
    I purchased 12 new chicks last month. Unexpectedly, I had to take chick of mixed ages. I got 7 purebred Ameraucanas about 6 weeks old and 3 CCL and 2 Ameraucanas day old to 2 weeks. I kept them in two separate brooders respectively. After quarentine I introduced the 12 at the same time to the grow out pen (as described above attached to my main coop).
    The 2 Ameraucanas from the younger group immediately intergrated and attached themselves to the older Ameraucanas. The 3 CCLs stay completely separate and get picked on. They have been together for a week now with no major fights or injury. As far as safety they all seem fine. The thing is the 3 CCLs just stay in the coop while the Ameraucanas go all over including the run. I had 2 feeders and a waterer in the run. I moved one feeder in the coop and added a waterer to the coop because the CCLs never come out. They seem happy and healthy and there is plenty of room. Did I do the right thing or should I put the feeder and waterer back in the run? Am I encouraging separation?
    One of the CCLs is tiny so I wanted her to have plenty of access to eat so she can catch up!
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    Sounds like you are doing fine. A lot of times younger chicks are scared of older chicks since he older ones sometimes beat them up. They can be bullies. Often when you integrate different age groups they form separate sub-flocks until the younger are old enough to force their way into the pecking order, then the two flocks become one. With pullets that’s normally around the time they start to lay. With cockerels it could be about any time.
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    Sounds like you are doing a great job, kudos on the planning of a flexible setup!

    How big are your coops and run?
    Would love to see some pics!

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