Am I doing this coop design correctly?


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Apr 12, 2013
Hey. So I'm new to chickens and new to building a coop. I need to know if I am doing this right. We are on a tight student's budget and so I'm building the coop with scrap wood that has been laying around the yard for a couple years, so it isn't pretty. But here is the old shed that we are going to be using which still has to be used as storage for our landlords:

Because it still has to be storage, and due to our limited resources, it wont be as large as I want it to be.
In this picture we are looking from the front of the run to what will be the coop:

Now, here is my question. Does the coop need to be more enclosed? I haven't done any of the wire or anything yet, but do I need to make their nesting area/coop more closed off? I was wanting to keep it open to make it easier to clean but I want to make sure they will like it.
I guess you can't really see, but it is open all the way to the top of the roof. Too open? Is it bad that the "coop" is pretty much just an addition to the run?

Also, how do my roosting bars look? Are they too much on top of each other? the lowest bar is 1' off the ground, the 2nd 2' high, and the third 3' high. Are they laddered enough???

Comments greatly appreciated in advance


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Aug 19, 2012
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I would make the roost sticks more round but thats fine, litle more spaced just so you dont get poops coming down to the other birds so mabey like this

as for the run and coop part, my coop is a combo and always has been. the run is the coop and the coop the run

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