Am I doing this right???? (Feeding fermented feed for the first time)

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    Nov 28, 2012
    I made the fermented feed for my 6 week old RlR's using 10 pounds of feed. Today is the first day I have used it. I filled 2 of the red plastic feeders you use when they are small, I took the top part off and used the bottom feeder part. Altogether I fed them 4 of those during the course of the day and both times they cleaned them out. Tonight I put their dry feed in there just to make sure they weren't hungry. They went crazy!! I have never seen such a feeding frenzy. I put 3 small feeders of dry feed in there to make sure everyone got to eat. I have 54 chicks in there I am feeding. Is this fermented feed supposed to be out for them 24/7 or just twice a day? I fed them the 10 pounds of the fermented feed and they ate it all, plus the dry feed they got. Normally, they will eat around 11 pounds a day and I use a 10 pound feeder plus a 14 inch feeder.

    Before I was using the fermented feed the chickens have always had their grain freechoice. Any ideas or suggestions on what to do as far as using the fermented feed? Do I let them eat until they are full, or do they need it rationed out to them? Will they always eat this much, and should there be dry grain out for them too?

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