Am I Frizzled???


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
Ok, so I know this little one is a SilkiexCochin, however, i was positive the egg came from my GRAY full size Cochin... however we are now about a week and a half old, and we look like this:


My other hen is a black bantam frizzled cochin... Don't you think that the chick looks more like her?? I had to help break it out of it's egg, so i know it came from one of the bigger eggs i normally get from the fs cochin, and i didn't even think that the bantam was laying anymore, she hasn't laid an egg for several years!

She went around stealing eggs from everyone and hatched a bunch of polish ones too, so i honestly don't know if it was her egg or not, and the fs cochin laid another, same size and same color egg, this morning...

but to me, those feathers are starting to look very suspiciously frizzled... they definitely curl up now!
I know that a grey bird has some black in its genes (at least andalusians do...), maybe your standard cochin also has some frizzle in her somewhere down the line? Not sure how that's inherited. I think it's unlikely that a bantam would suddenly lay a full-size egg...
that's what i had been thinking, which was why i was surprised when this one first off was black, figured maybe we'd turn gray, but then these feathers are coming in... so. confused.
you get a frizzle from breeding 1 frizzle with a non frizzle and the off spring of them has a 50/50 chance to become frizzle. So perhaps your bird was one that did not turn frizzle, and there for has passed it on to this little baby frizzle...and a cutie at that
It looks to have a condition called Angel Wings. I had the same thing happen to one of my GLW bantams and he passed away this past week at 8 weeks old. I do not know if it had anything to do with his condition or not but, when it first started I was wondering if he was frizzled as well.

I hope yours is frizzled.
That looks frizzled to me.... I have several frizzle crosses, and just got some new chicks this spring a few of which were sizzles (silkie frizzle cross). All of my chick's wings had the same look. If it is a frizzle the little bugger will be adorable.

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