Am I giving them enough?


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Apr 18, 2010
I give my two girls a standard layer crumble, plus they have ground to scratch. Occasionally they get a tomato or some bread, but other than that I don't do calcium or minerals or anything else. Is that enough? The eggs are delicious and have a good shell, and the girls seem happy and peaceful. Am I missing something?

Also, if I get more layers of about the same age, how long do I need to keep them separated before they can all hang together?

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I am getting ready to add in four girls to my flock...well not into my flock but with one of my roosters in a different pen.

I have been advised to quarantine for 30 days. In a different location. So I have a chicken tractor the new girls will be in away from everyone else. I fear both introducing something into my current flock as well as the new ones possibly getting something from my flock. So I am going to stick with the 30 days and watch them closely. Also, you feed and water them last after you do your current ones.

I have everything ready and am picking up my new girls tomorrow. I hope I do this right myself. Do a search on introducing new members to your flock. You'll find a lot of information that way for sure.

Good luck.....
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No--you're doing it just right--as long as the eggs have a good shell the birds are getting enough calcium in the layer or soil.

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