Am I in over my hatching head?

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    OK, I think I might be in a little hatching trouble... I got a little to excited for my very first hatching attempt. I have 2 batches of eggs in that were set at different times.

    First set is due to hatch around 1/13-1/14. The second group is due to hatch on 1/21.

    I *thought* I had a loaner incubator lined up to use as a hatcher. That fell through.

    With all that said, here is my worry. I have an auto turner. I know that I cannot hatch chicks in it and need to take it out on Day 18 for the first batch. I am planning to put the second batch in an egg carton (as I've seen done here) and turn them myself as needed.

    Will the higher humidity for hatching hurt my second group? How can I safely turn the second group during the "no touchy the 'bator" period? [​IMG] I know there must be a way? Or should I run out and buy an second bator? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Well I did this last week and still had some hatch. Just hand turn the others til you get a pip, then don't turn them til your hatch is over. As soon as they all have hatched get them into the brooder and get your humidity back down. All you can do right? Not perfect but still should be ok. I only have 1 bator and couldn't pass up the eggs I ordered, lol. Good luck, and don't worry. It seems like the more you worry about the eggs the worst the hatch goes, if you just try not to worry things seem to go alot better.
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    do you just have a table top incubator
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    Thanks willow....

    Yep, I have one Hova Bator 1588. Will the second group be OK with the higher hum for a couple of days? Is it OK if I DON'T turn them (second batch) during the first hatch. [​IMG] Newbie...what can I say? [​IMG]

    Thanks guys... Any and all words of wisdom are helpful!
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    Is there any way you can make or buy another bator? It really would be best w/ staggered hatches that you have a "hatcher" [​IMG] Humidity and turning are both issues...but so is bacteria from the first hatchlings.

    Good luck! [​IMG]
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    New chick! I can not believe this. I have the same thing happening. I have tthree batches in. One is due the 12th. Tomorrow, the second due the 22nd. The third, due the 29th. I ended up buying a still air incubator. The extra high temps for the end are double what is required for the ones still developing. Yes you have to hand turn the others while they are developing. They will stick to the shell. I turn mine by hand 3 times a day. Some say to do more but 3 works for me. The high humidity was listed on (reasons for a bad hatch) on a web page I read. So I bought the extra incubator. It was 45 dollars with tax. I got it set in 6 to 8 hours and put them in and kept the other incubator for the others. It is worth spending the money if you really want a good hatch. Hope this helps, happy hatching. I want to see pics!
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    Thanks sewincircle!! *sigh* I may run out and buy a 2nd one. $45 isn't bad, I think I can handle that.... I don't want to jeapordize either group... How in the world did I get myself into this? [​IMG]

    I'll post pics when I have some news! You need to do the same!

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