Am I missing an ingredient?


6 Years
Sep 5, 2013
I just got my first set of girls and they have settled in nice, the dogs are accepting and protective.

Which was what I expected. the cat is just wondering, Why.

My question is twofold to prevent too many stupid threads.

I have 16% layer pellets and a variety of greens and fruits. I have yet to get grit as it is a stretch of 30'x25' with live vegetation still and very dusty and natural grit. Will this be sufficient?

I noticed when I went to go fill the pellets this morning they were all running to them, but once they saw it was only pellets and after a few pecks.. they kept looking at me like they were expecting something else.

Is that cause I was the giver of variety yesterday?

They still had so much left from the day before, are they just not hungry? They had a full cob and a couple of apples, plums and beet w/greens.

How much food/pellets per bird should I feed them? They will have a variety of bugs to pick from for a while.. As the crickets and wasps this year are plentiful.
Just like kids they will prefer the 'goodies' to the good stuff. They will not starve themselves. When the treats and insects run out, their consumption of the layer pellets will increase.

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