Am I the only one that has it set up to see 75 posts at a time?

Leslie In North Pole

12 Years
Mar 7, 2007
North Pole, AK
I had to change it with the Baby Emu thread, I couldn't keep track of what page which picture was on when I was showing them to the kids.

I love it, makes looking at the really long posts much easier... though I do find there are usually the same group of people involved in the longer posts, lol. You know who you are.
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Hello, Terri,

Glad I could help, it definetely makes some of the picture heavy ones much easier to view, like the thread about hot hens in bikinis.... my, my, my.

I did find some fabric, I signed up on several yahoo coops (I was broke to begin with, you should see me now...) and I even bought some on ebay, got a great deal on a large lot of it. Nesting is a very dangerous time...

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