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Dec 16, 2011
who has a BSL who almost NEVER lays where she is supposed to? I've never had a problem with my other chickens laying elsewhere. (Except a time or two when they couldn't reach the coop fast enough and laid in the middle of the yard mid-run. XD) She has this thing for long grass and garbage bags. I just found her 7th or 8th nest. Is there away to break this habit?
Have you tried golf balls in the nest boxes? That worked immediately with my loose layers. Otherwise keeping her cooped up every day until she lays her egg may help, but that could be a problem on the days she doesn't lay... If you can figure out more or less what time she lays every day, keep her in the coop and let her out when the time's up?
I do have golf balls in the nesting box already. I've tried keeping her in until she lays before - she is very good at "holding it in"! I might just have to deal with her laying elsewhere!
You have fake eggs/golf balls in the nests and everybody else seems happy with them, you have enough nests to go around? Some hens are submissive and don't like to lay eggs in nests if other hens are being witchy. As sumi said, can you lock her up in the morning until she lays for awhile? There is also plan B for stubborn free range hens, put a couple of "hidden" nests outside so they think they are being sneaky but you know where they are and you can collect them everyday like you do ones in the coop. I've got some 5 gal bucket nests and small doghouses outside to help keep them from making their own nests.

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