am i too late to save her?


12 Years
Aug 2, 2010
my rir hen has been having troubles for a few weeks now, after finally finding out thru everyone on here that shes most likely suffering from wry neck, i have been delayed on getting the vitamin e to give to her. once the store was out of it, another time i totally forgot, and most times i dont go to town much because im busy here with my 5 month old son! well i had dh pick up vitamin e for her TODAY, and now when i went into the coop today she coincidentally seems much worse!!! i know she was eating and drinking before, but now her neck is really bent and shes doing circles and stumbling. i feel awful, should i still try the vitamin e tonight when dh gets here with it? or should i put her out of her misery? its hard to watch her like that i almost cant..

well hold that thought now, i just went back out and peeked in and shes laying down calmy with her neck up looking better. she must have just been worked up because i let everyone out and was in cleaning. im going to start vitamin e tonight and keep her calm in a smaller cage.
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good idea, and your going to have to be very patient this doesn't clear up over night, plus you'll need to make sure the others don't pick on her while she is like this..and believe me they will. go to google custom search up top the right of this page and type wry neck there are other vits you need to be giving her.. all the best with her.
I am going thru the same thing with my Tom Turkey. As long as she is eating and drinking, I feel that there is hope and it's never too late to save her. It will be a long process with the Vitamin E. I am on Week 2 with the Vitamin E treatment and it still looks the same but he is eating, drinking, running around and "playing" with the other Tom Turkey. It's just a waiting game.
im hoping i can soak a piece of bread and feed it to her because trying to drip in into her beak was not easy tonight, i think i got more on my fingers than in her. i have heard that some people have to literally untwist thier necks?? i wouldnt have a clue how to do this, had anyone heard of or done it?

what actually causes wry neck? she free ranged all the time, had feed and water, what was she lacking that made this happen? why wouldnt the others be having issues they are on the same diet?
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That's what I do. I cut open 3 Vitamin E gel tabs and let it drip on a piece of bread. That works well. I don't want to fight with a 35 lb turkey just to get meds in him. PLEASE DO NOT try to untwist her neck. I never heard of that but I couldn't see myself doing that. Just let the Vitamin treatments run it's course. Please please please be dedicated to giving her the meds twice a day every day. It is VERY important to her recovery. We as owners have to do everything in our power to care for our animals. Sometimes, I hate getting up at 5:00 AM in the morning and soak that piece of bread with Vitamin E but then I think about how desparate I want my Tom Turkey's neck to straighten out, so I drag my lazy butt up out of that bed and put on my clothes and gather together his bread and vitamins and walk outside and give it to him. Makes me feel good afterwards knowing that I am doing everything in my power to help him bet better.

I know that your girl we get thru this. Keep us posted.

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