Am i understanding this water wiggler thing correct ?

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    I am using an Accurite temp/hygrometer with outside probe. I put the probe into the water wiggler and laid the unit on top of the turner. The outside temp reads 99.5 (probe in wiggler) and the inside temp reads 98.7 with 43% humids.
    If i'm understanding this correct..the outside temp(probe) represents the temp INSIDE the eggs ?
    Now the inside temp bein 98.7 is the ambient temp in the bator? So, if i didn't have the option of the probe then i would be wanting to read an inside (ambient) temp of 99.5 ...correct ?
    Oh jeeesh, i'm confusin myself jist sittin here runnin this thru my head as i type this.
    I jist don't see how the inside temp of the eggs can be allmost a degree higher than the ambient temp. What is wrong with this picture ?
    Do i want to maintain 99.5 in the wiggler or do i want to maintain an ambient temp of 99.5 ?
    I'm soooooooooo confused !!! [​IMG]
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    There actually was a post on here some time ago about this very topic.... sorry I am not of to much help, I thought I understood it until I started reading the post and became confused myself... [​IMG]

    Maybe a search on the site for water wiggler??? unless someone answers quicker.......Good luck!
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    Ok, I'm confused too now!!! [​IMG] This is what I did. The water wiggler simulates the inside of the egg. So, that should be the exact temp/humidity. Go by that one. At least that's what I'm doing. So I would say yes, if you don't have the water wiggler, the temps should be the same as the ambient. Oh, and Good luck!!! Steph

    Oh, and I think the temp in the wiggler is higher, as it is surrounded by warm water, and not just warm air. Kinda like it's faster to thaw in water than air?? I think.
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