Amazing unique egg


Jun 14, 2020
Midwest USA
It is SO crazy. I’ve had a few odd ones but this takes the cake for sure.
Can anyone explain what causes egg speckling?


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Nov 27, 2012
SW Michigan
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Can anyone explain what causes egg speckling?
Your speckles are caused by pigment not being uniformly distributed.
It could continue, or not.
I have a couple OE's(BCMxCLB) that lay like this all the time, others do so intermittently.
Think this is more common in dark brown layers.

'Speckled' eggs can happen for several different reasons...very few, if any, of which are a 'problem'.
Can be caused by:
Excess or uneven pigment coating.
Excess or uneven cuticle(bloom).
Excess calcium deposits.
Porous eggs can appear speckled.
Some birds lay them consistently, some only once in awhile.
The pigment or bloom can change appearance when wet, then change back when dry again.

As long as bird is getting a good diet and is healthy in every other way, it is no cause for concern.

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