Amdro and Chickens


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6 Years
Oct 21, 2013
Well I may have a big problem. While working in the garden last night we came across a fire ant nest, I sprinkled Amdro on the ants and didn't think anything of it. This morning while leaving the house my wife called and said the chickens were around where I sprinkled the stuff, most of it is inside the fenced garden but some is outside. She said it was 10-20 birds around it so I don't know how much each one got. Both of us are at work and won't be home till this evening.

Any advice?


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Jul 2, 2020
What ever became of this for you? My pullets are not free-range, rather until they're a bit bigger and hardier will be living in their currently enclosed area. However, without thinking about it, I sprinkled Amdro Ant Block all around my property for obvious reasons. Then I thought "what if the birds peck up the ants while they're carrying the poison!?"
Thanks in advance!

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