Ameraucana rooster


11 Years
Jul 13, 2009
Live Oak, FL
ISO, Looking for a Blue Large Fowl (Standard) Ameraucana Rooster or cockerel.
I have Smith/Garner lines now. My 5 year old Rooster died, the cockerels I selected to replace him with have not worked out for several different reasons. If you have a Splash or Black that would work also. If you are close enough to pick-up great, or if you can ship I would pay for that.
Wish I could help you. I have three gorgeous Ameraucana wheaten roosters who turn two this year. I am in Pennsylvania which does not help. I am going to have to sell these boys eventually as I will be forced off my farm in a year or two. I hate to do this they are so tame, and we call them the three stooges....
I have an ameraucana rooster about 4-5 months old. I live in the Phoenix area. Anybody want it? He is white black copper. Beautiful.

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