Ameraucana with laying issues


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May 13, 2008
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I have an Ameraucana who is about 6-7 months. She just started laying, either she's just slow or something is wrong with her.

Her first eggs were a week ago. She laid them in the middle of the night on top of the nesting boxes (roost connects to them) both eggs were shell less. I did all the necessary thing to insure she has enough calcium and made sure nothing else was bothering her. None of my other girls have laid a shell less egg and they all eat the oyster shell.

She knows where the nest boxes are, she goes in them sits there for a long period then leaves with out laying an egg. No one picks on her and she eats her fair share of food.

She tried all day yesterday to lay another egg. We haven't got one from her since last week (2 shell less). This morning I looked the coop over and found one regular egg broken on the floor of the coop and one shell less egg right next to it.

All my other girls laid for me yesterday so I know it was her. Do you guys think she's just working out the kinks?
I've had young birds lay soft shelled eggs several times. To keep her from laying on top of your nest boxes you might want to put a board on an angle to keep her from being able to sit there.

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