Ameraucana ???


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Sep 11, 2014
Quinlan Texas
I was wondering if anyone could verify this being an Ameraucana and Brahma mix.
Does she have any leg feathering at all? Leg feathering is dominant, so if she's half Brahma she'd definitely have at least some sparse leg feathering.

She looks quite Delaware-ish to me. That crossed with an Ameraucana or Easter Egger.
No leg feathering. She looks just like my light Brahma except for the legs and the cheek puffs. And her lacing on feathers not so pronounced.
Her clean, dark legs and body shape say there's no recent Brahma ancestry there. Something Colombian-ish and something EE is my guess. Hope she lays you pretty colored eggs
She is definately an ameraucana cross. The slate colored legs give me away. Did you hatch her? If her legs were pink at irth, EE, if they were dark/slate at birth, Ameraucana cross. Though I could be wrong but you can limit it down to slate dominant birds.

P.S. I looked up a possible color for her, if you had bought her that old, she could be the result of a columbian ameraucana project. Though the color is not admitted to the APA, it could be what you have.

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