Ameraucana's poop is Flourescent yellow green with mucus!!! HELP


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My poor Ameraucana has some sort of illness....she's not eating, drinks a lot, is tired and her poop is running (watery) and bright, bright yellow, with mucus. I've looked in Chicken Health handbook, and it may be due to a mycotoxicosis.... but I don't have moldy grain. Can anyone offer advice about what to give her (meds?).
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she's my favorite bird.....
I caught something in adult birds, and symptoms were just like that. after sending a dead bird (I lost 10) to that lab, I turned out to be cocci!? So I bought Amprolium (cure) And It went away. I thought cocci only had blood in poo, but in adult birds yellow mucus poo is also a symptom. Could be the same for you...
I called several feed stores in my area and have learned that one cannot buy it over the counter. It is prescribed by a veterinarian. My vet only treats mammals and not avian friends. I'm having a hard time trying to find anyone to treat fowl. Is there another source for this med?
Today my sick gal tried to lay an egg and it had a super thin shell, was kind of like jelly. Chicken Health handbook describes these symptoms as being ochratoxicosis. Anyone out there know how to treat that? Thanks!
You can use Corid or Sulmet to treat cocci. Both are available from Give them a try
Oh, and buy the liquid Sulmet. The powder is a PIA.
You can get Corid to treat the cocci. It should be available at most feed stores without a prescription. For sure, Tractor Supply carries it, at least in California. I think it is the same thing as Amprolium.

Not sure about the other problem as I am new to chickens, but shells need calcium to be strong, so maybe your hens aren't getting enough of that. I am sure that more experienced members can give you help with that.

Hang in there.
Thanks for your reply! I've been giving them tons of oyster shells and high quality laying pellets. According to the health handbook, in addition to bright yellow, watery diarrhea, soft egg shells are another symptom of a mycotoxicosis. Deep sigh...... and she's such a sweetheart!
From what I have read chickens are the least likely to be affected by mycotoxicosis. It is much more common in water fowl. That being said... Make sure that there is no moldy grain hiding in the coop anywhere. Check cracks and crevices, anywhere they might reach. Have you opened a new bag of feed recently? I am not saying your feed is bad, just a thought.

I would get the Corid and treat for cocci. I think that is much more likely than mycotoxicosis. But I would also give her some extra vitamins, BYC members say poly-visol, without iron is the best. And from what I read about mycotoxicosis she could use some extra selenium as well. If you have removed her from the coop then she should not have access to bad feed if that is the case and may get better.

Keep up the good work and let us know what happens. We are hoping for the best, of course. If only the chickens could talk, it would be so much easier.

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