American game bantam help!?


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Jan 5, 2012
Hello i'm new to this forum
so, I'm very new to all of this and don't know for sure if this is the right place to ask this .. Anyhow' Do you have to separate males American game Bantam do they have the same amount of game as a Large fowl ? Because i know male Large fowl can never be together or they fight to death .. I have to know because never had American game bantam i don't want the males to kill each other at all! I had some Old English bantam and we had to separate because the males would fight they wouldn't raise together so we didn't even give them a pen together .. If someone could be kind enough to tell me about these Pretty American game Bantam i will be happy .. I won't do them for show just for my fun .. Thanks
i have 3 pair of them in the same pen (3hens and 3 roos) and they all get along no problems at all, i traded one pair of black ones to one of my buddies for a pair that look like doves . so they wern't all raised together and still no problmes. i also have old english games and the little ones want to fight with them but not really among themselfes. i thisk it kinda like the luck of the draw , i would advise just to watch them real close and seperate only if you need to. but they may get along . but they will have to establish a pecking order just like the hens.
Ok thanks they are part American game bantam and part Large fowl so they may will fight because of the that i don't know
sorry it took so long to reply i was at wok . anyways . like i said just watch them real close when u put them together . 9 times out of 10 one is going to backdown and run if it gets to rough. unless they are pure game birds bred for fighting ( whitch i totally disagree with) then i would advise seperate pens for all the roos . but ill keep my fingers crossed everything works out for you.

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