Americana Egg colors?

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    So my girls have just started laying beginning of February. I have a total of 8 hens. 2 are from a different hatch and are younger. i have 4 chickens that I know produce shades of brown eggs. I thought my other 4 were Ameracaunas which I was told would lay blue or green eggs. Does not seem to be so(although as I said 2 aren't laying yet)
    Any words of wisdom?
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    Are all 6 of the older group laying? Are there 6 different shaped and brown colored eggs? More than likely the ameraucanas are EEs where brown eggs are a possibility.
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    Remember that Ameracaunas are a distinct breed. They do lay blue eggs.

    Then there are americanas that are a mutt variation and not a true breed. Most folks call americanas Easter Eggers (EEs). The term Easter Eggers is quite appropriate since those hens will lay either blue, green, or brown eggs. Usually one hen lays one color, though the shade of that color may vary a bit from time to time.

    We have three EEs. One lays jumbo blue eggs, one lays large brown eggs, and one lays lovely large olive eggs.
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    X2 - The hatchery Easter Eggers are still fantastic layers and usually very good tempered. If you really want very blue eggs, avoid the hatcheries and find someone who breeds for egg color. Those are a lot harder to find and you might need to get on a waiting list, so you need to decide how important the blue color really is.

    The same advice applies to people seaching for dark eggs. The commercial hatcheries sell Welsummers and Marans, but you are likely to be disappointed in the egg color, so if that is important, find a reputable breeder. I am doing a brisk business this spring trying to meet the local demand for quality colored egg layers. I really wanted to provide a local source that was reliable and it's working out well so far - many happy customers and I'm having so much fun hatching chicks.
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    I think most people do not use the term ameracana for mixed breed birds as it is too deceptive and suggestive of the purebred Ameraucana. As said above, EE's are not purebred birds, and might not lay a blue egg.

    You might post pics of your birds here
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