Americana not laying


Apr 27, 2020
I have 15 chickens of 5 different breeds about 8 months old. I ordered hens but the 3 Americauna's turned out to be rooster's except 1 .
Everyone is laying eggs but my one Americauna hen. I've gotten 5 eggs so far from her. Is that normal for her to do that even though everyone else is laying? They do get at least 14-15 hours of light each day.
I don't care that she's not giving me eggs but I just want to make sure she's ok.
Thanks 😊
Very likely an Easter Egger unless purchased from a breeder. Her breed was selected more for egg color than quantity of production. Some lay very well, but some are sporadic layers.
Do they free range? You should check for a hidden nest if you have a large run/coop.

No, I have too many predators around my property. They have a coop and a yard that's all fenced in and netting on top with flashy ribbon strips. Lol I love my babies as you can tell. I have 5 boxes and I also look in the yard daily.

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