Americanas gender

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12 Years
Apr 1, 2007
I have some young americanas (5 weeks old) some may be crosses. I am having trouble determining the gender of these birds. I have some other "normal" chicks in with them that I feel pretty confident I can ID based on their combs. The americanas seem to have very short thick combs and I really can not tell which is which. Overall they are all pretty uniform in size also. I have a few I assume are roosters based on behavior but other than that I need some assistance on what to more subtlely look for. These are just birds I hatched myself so both sexes are represented in my "sample".

Can you offer any help?

Theres about 30 of em!
then just post like 5, and compare which ones people think are roos to the others that look the same, and same with the pullets???
At 5 weeks my EE roo started to show a pink/red comb. You might also be able to tell by the comb having 3 rows or 1 row. All my girls have a single rose comb and my roo had a 3 row comb..but i heard thats not 100 percent.
Here are some of them;)

It is raining here today and they are semi loose and semi wild. I have not touched any of them for many weeks. That was the best I could come up with. I know it will be no help! As soon as I aimed the camera at them they were duckin and runnin.

I was just looking for some rules of thumb. I have no real need to know what they are right now just curious.

I have never seen one of these before in person but am really interested in the variation of color and patterns. I just have a flock of mongrel chickens for eggs and meat (just the extras) and select for interesting patterns that crop up. I can not wait to see what these will produce when crossed with my rooster.


Any rules of thumb are appreciated, like the one row/ three row idea.


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