Americauna or Easter egger


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Oct 29, 2012
I am trying to rehome a chicken, but first I need to know what it is. I hatched the eggs and got bbs Marans, bbs orpingtons, buff/blue cross orpingtons, possibly langshans and this little guy or girl. I think it's an ameracauna (sp?) Or Easter egger. He was hatched April 28, so going on 4 months old now. Started out all black, but colors are changing. Took photos through screen so it's effecting coloring.
out of this clutch I only want the bbs orpingtons and possibly the marans. He definitely has ear tufts and it looks like a muff on his chin is developing, can't be positive about that though, and he has feathering on his legs. Can you give me a positive id? Except for the marans, they were all hatched from light brown eggs.
That would be my guess also. I can't see the comb, but if that's the cross it should be a pea comb. Olive Eggers are a popular thing, mixing Ameraucana and Marans.
Ok I am a first year Ameracauna person.but the breed is lovely and confFusion is rampant due to false marketing.such as Americana.THERE IS NO I IN I'm not yelling but I have seen noses turn up from purists ,at these lovely Easter eggers.which I believe yours to be.But imho it was so difficult to find my first true ameracauna all hatchery label their Ee
E as Americana or worse ameracauna when they just aren't! So sad. True ameracauna have slate dark legs small pea combs and are a solid color black buff Wheaton so on.the ameracauna alliance has a list .I actually have decided to currently breed olive eggers from my pure stock (I. Have a Black roo and a buff he that are ameracauna and I'm crossing the roo to Wheaton marans also.and a barred rock hen the colors I'm getting are awesome I can post later!!)then breed them only as the stress of perfection that is required to compete with good ameRaucanas is not my cup of although off subject there is no I in ameracauna.You have a beautiful Easter Egger or Olive Egger-!!
I guess there will always be a need to look up the correct spelling of Ameraucana. I don't know what the founders of it were thinking when they gave it its unusual spelling! So close to the word Americana, and pronounced the same, but they had to have a cute little "au" instead of the "i". Maybe to give us all something to get a chuckle over. (If we can get away from all the contention it causes.) :)
i now see i misspelled it too lol so confusing like maran chicken always spoke as marans since the breed us named after the town marans in france.oh well im always learning something new about chickens.....i love it..lmao godspeed!

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