Americauna or EE?


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I have an "Americauna" rooster named Dodger who is a color that I have not seen before and as far as I know it's not recognized by the ABC.
He has a beautiful deep scarlet rose comb, ear muffs and a beard, and gray clean legs. He's a big boy and he has a nice arch to his neck (He's six months old)
However, his color is white with a black green-sheen tail, he has a gray head and black feathering around his neck - and as he gets older he's developing this gorgeous tan color on his saddle feathers.
What could this be? He has black feathers mixed in with the white (I'd try to post pictures, but I don't have any updated ones atm) and I'm tempted to call him "Splash" since I've heard this word thrown around but does this mean that he's a Easter Egger?
if its not one of the recognized colors then yes that would be an ee. any pics could help as long as they show his true colors. were did you get him?
Sounds like an EE to me. Here are the pictures of all the recognized colors of Ameraucanas:

If he doesn't match any of these then he is an EE.
He looks like his feet are cold! "how dare you plunk me down in the snow!" Yep, going with EE on this one.
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No doubt, he's a mutt EE. Color is wrong, doesn't have the correct comb, body type. He has very common EE roo coloring, and is NOT splash. Splashes are white with blue/black "splashes" all over them, no other color.

And it's Ameraucana. There's no such thing as an "Americana"

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