"Ameruacans" From the feed store


Apr 4, 2015


These were sold to me as Amercuanas, I know usually the feed stores mislabeled them.

They were born the same day, but they look so different? Maybe some bodies an Easter egger?

my true ameruacans are solid white....rumpless and have beards and cheek puffs......I also have 3 Easter Eggers 2 lay blue 1 lays pink and purchased an Olive egger who will lay neon to olive colored eggs...I love all my girls......many hatcheries mis lael EE's as Ameruacanas...sad but true
The top pictures looks like it could be a true Ameraucan. Looks to be Wheaten possibly. The bottom looks easter egger to me. EE will almost always have a green tint to their legs and true Ameraucana will have gray/slate and no green. Most of them time, the Ameraucanas only come in blue wheaten, wheaten, lavender, blue, black and splash which is not a recognized color. And maybe white, I'm blanking lol but easter Eggers will be easter Eggers if not one of those colors combined with the leg color. Rumpless is usually a trait that comes from Auracanas which are much more difficult to find. Most Ameraucana should be spelt just that way if there is an "I" as in Americana, you probably aren't getting a true Ameraucana.
I would be pretty surprised if chicks that you bought from a feed store were Ameraucanas. They would only be Ameraucanas if the store got them from a breeder (most order them from hatcheries) or if they ordered them from one particular hatchery... Meyer, I think. However Meyer sells them for something like $22 per bird. Nothing wrong with EE's at all! :)
They look like pretty Easter Eggers! Many hatcheries misinform people about what they are selling, they market Easter Eggers as Americanas, Ameraucanas, and Araucanas. To clear up confusion, the Araucana is my far the rarest of the bunch, I don't think any hatcheries carry them, only specialty breeders, so it is extremely unlikely that you would ever find one at a feed store. They also are rumpless, which means they don't have a tail, and they have ear tufts (no muffs or beard) Ameraucanas are pretty rare with only a few hatcheries carrying them, the ones that do carry them will always list the color of them ( blue, wheaten, black etc..) if they don't state the coloration of them they are Easter Eggers. Easter Egger are a mix of blue egg laying breeds that vary in just about everything, they can have any pattern, have beards or muffs, and have different kinds of combs, though they most commonly have pea combs. They are carried by just about every hatchery.

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