amporium overdose?baby chicks not moving ...


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
I started with six chicks. 2 of them died within 24 hours so I got some coccidia medicine. they had diarrhea etc.

I am pretty sure I overdosed the chicks for about 4 days on amprolium mixed with probiotic vitamins. I didn't realize it and they seemed fine until I came home and two of them are practically dead. It's as if they can't control their bodies and they just lay there not moving.

So far my best guess is that I accidentally overdosed them. This cause nutritional deficiency ? (even though they were eating)

I've since stopped the medicine for Coccidia and I've given the two very sick ones vitamins and probiotics enhanced water through a dropper.

Is there anything else I can do?
Has anyone else ever experienced this?

They were fine in the morning and in the early evening I came home to them like this, unable to move:

Of course, you all will ask about the stool. It has been very diarrhea, but just half a day after I quaruntined them and took them off the amprolium, a poop came out like this, which looks better than some of the others i've seen.

And here are the presumably happy and healthy girls. No sign of illness yet, that I'm aware of. They had the same water though with high dose of Amprolium ... so I'm not sure what's going on.

And here they are all having fun exploring in the garden just 4 days prior:

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The only treatment for Amprolium overdose is Vitamin B1 (Thiamine). However, it takes time for thiamine deficiency to show up, hard to believe it would be a problem that quickly. There are other causes of chick death that affect them after several days, for example infections. Hope your chicks recover.
Is it possible they still have coccidia? Or maybe they have had some other disease this whole time?

I read the amprolium directions wrong (used the directions for automatic water proportioners - which I still don't understand what that means):

This is the kind I have 128 100510.jpg

I ended up using half the bag (10z) in 2 quarts (half gallon) of water

Additionally, I found this link about vitamin deficiency. They have been doing a "heads back" kind of resting position, such as the image for vitamin B-1 deficiency:

Figure 7:

Here is the vitamins and probiotics I gave with the amprolium, and since I took them off the amprolium (a little more than half a day now) it has been ONLY this probiotic and vitamin:

Here is the Amprolium package:
The correct dose for AmproMed 20% powder is 1-1.5 tsp per gallon of water,so yes they may be suffering from accidental overdose. Boost up thiamine (B1).

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