An Awesome Chicken Book - Home to Roost by Bob Sheasley


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My mother bought me a new book, Home to Roost by Bob Sheasley. Subtitled 'A Backyard Farmer Chases Chickens Through the Ages'. It was published in July 2008. Anyone else heard of it or read it? I'm starting it tonight.....

See my reply below.
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People, this is a fantastic book about everything chicken. History, lore, behavior, the guy is am amazing writer, I can't say enough about the book! From the back cover:

Advance Praise for Home to Roost

"Reading this book is like walking down a quiet corridor of a museum, peeping into this room and that. All manner of curiosities wait discovery. Home to Roost is a compulsively readable history of man's relationship with Gallus domesticus, rich with anecdote, fable, and fact. Sheasley can write, and his lyrical, often droll prose winds around and through the happy maze of fact and fiction he's constructed. Even as he tackles sobering topics like avian flu and the pathetic physical and behavioral wreck we've made of the factory-farmed hen, his affection for chickens, and the people who exploit them, shines through. There's hope in the gleaming basket of pastel eggs he totes to work, and Sheasley shows by his own example the world he believes hens - and humans - richly deserve to inhabit." Julie Zickefoose, author of Letters from Eden.

I hope more of you take the time to read this, I've been glued to it all weekend (inbetween going to the Common Ground Fair) and hope to finish it tonight. So much chicken fun!
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I bought it a month or two ago and enjoyed it a lot. Thought it was interesting and well-written. Read it faithfully until finished. Now why can't I think like that and write like that? Too busy daydreaming and watching my chickens, I guess.

Also bought a European book that I like called The Complete Encyclopedia of Chickens by Ester Verhoef and Aad Rijs from Amazon. Think it was only $12 for a hardcover and 336pp. Has really slick paper and color photos of many breeds - some of which would be hard to find in the US as far as I can tell from my short experience checking out hatchery stock, but many of the breeds are here, too.
My SIL gave this book to me for Christmas, I had put it on my wish list. Very nice book, but you're right, we can't get some of the birds in it, they're European breeds. Too bad, some of them are really neat looking birds!

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