An egg emergency!


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Oct 2, 2018
Ramat Gan
Hi there!
I’m in a little egg emergency! We found our favorite (gone missing) Speckled Sussex “Comet” on a brood of a dozen eggs just three days ago. She has a nice nest in a basket full of straw in our garage. Yesterday, somehow two of the eggs were cracked!! I cleaned up the mess and disposed of the eggs(which didn’t appear to have any chicks started inside). I left the eggs- a little scared of trying to clean them! I haven’t candled any as of yet( I have usually waited until about day 7 or 8). But, now I am getting kind of worried! Some of the eggs have bits of yoke all over them! Is this going to hurt the chicks or prevent them from hatching? Any help or experience anyone can give is VERY appreciated!


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Jan 28, 2018
Gower, Wales
hello @lexilovee ! welcome to BYC :frow I can't help with your query but I'm sure someone who can will some along soon. It often helps if you can post a photo or two of the thing that's worrying you.


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If the eggs are badly soiled then I would try to clean off the worst of the debris with a warm damp paper towel, careful not to saturate the egg but otherwise if they are just speckled with egg yolk you probably don't have anything to worry about. I've seldom had a broody get through a hatch with all the eggs sparkly clean. One hen took a break, walked around in the mud outside, came back in and plopped down on the eggs muddy feet and all. They aren't the tidiest critters in the world.

Hope you have a great hatch!

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