An egg exploded, but there was no bad smell!! ??


9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
I just received and set these eggs on the 31. One egg had a slight crack, so I taped it and have been sniffing it to make sure it's ok. Most of them are Penedesencas and BC Marans from My Pet Chicken. It was the only place I could find Penedesencas this late in the year still available, and they sent me almost a full dozen each of bc marans and Penes, half Partridge, half wheaten. Anyway, I also got 2 blue Orp and 2 lt Sussex eggs with them. I noticed yesterday when I went to try and candle (too early! lol) that one of the Lt Sussex eggs was stuck in the turner. So I didn't mess with it or try to get it out again. Guess I should have. It exploded today. No bad smell at all, but there was dried yolk all over a Partridge Pene egg and of course all over the lower tray.
I quickly took everything apart, took the turner tray out, got the lower trays out, and put the turner with eggs back in while I scrubbed the lower tray and refilled the water. I also scrubbed the egg covered in dry yolk with a plastic kitchen brush before I read I shouldn't.

Any idea how or why that happened? It really didn't smell at all, just smelled like egg! Weird. Also, what do you think this means for my hatch rate? Think there's any chance any of these shipped eggs will hatch? I'm feeling a little depressed about it. They were very expensive. I did go yesterday and pick up a fresh (laid yesterday!) dozen of bbs Ameraucana eggs from a local breeder. I can't wait for those to hatch! So that's cheering me up. He had the most gorgeous roos I have ever seen. And his hens had the biggest beards I've ever seen. I also threw in a bantam egg today. One of my bantams started laying several days ago, and I can't figure out who. But I bet whoever the mom is, it's going to be one cute lil baby!
I'm not an expert but I would think that if only one egg was gunked and you cleaned out the incubator then you should have a decent chance - well as decent a chance as any shipped eggs will give a person.
There are probably many reasons an egg goes bad. I have had leaking eggs before. None have exploded because I hand turn and have managed to catch them in time. They never smelled either - just leaked little dots of yellow.

I hope everything goes well for you and all your eggs - gunked or not.

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