an experimente!! well what do you think??


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Jan 17, 2010
Soooo my father is ordering 60 to 100 baby ringneck pheasants to raise and let go at our hunting camp........i dont really care buuut gonna keep some for pets but my quetion is i want to take 3 or 4 chicks and put them under my hen when she has baby to so they will be raised by a whole flock free ranges .......when the pheasants grow up will they be like a chicken and free range with the other chicken and go and roost at night and stay around .......or will they fly away???
BTW this is only an experiment.......i will keep others to the will be seperate from the chicken i was just think about it.......has any one ever done this and it worked out??
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I wouldn't know. I've never even owned pheasant. Sorry someone else will be able to help you.
I have silvers that free range, but all ringneck I have ever had, if they got out, they were gone, nothing chicken like about them.
Also, watch state laws on releasing birds to the wild, can get in trouble if the wrong people find out you are doing that in most states!
I raised some jumbo ringnecks with my chickens, they were raised together since hatch. They were allowed to free range, did not go away but refused to go to the coop with chicks for the night, prefering roost on the trees, after I lost few overnight to predators, or they went away early in the morning? I'll never know. So I gave up and penned them.

Pheasants are not chickens, they are still wild birds.
Your chicken will need to hatch them. The best way is to take her eggs and subsitue with some pheasant eggs. She will hatch them and Usually if its a good hen raise them as her own. Its my experience that she will ignore or KILL any chicks you try to introduce to her that she did not hatch. There are rare cases I suppose as I'v ehad lonely hens adopt chicks or take over another hens chicks, but when you are talking across species. NOT a good idea.
My neighbor raised 50 ring necks two years in a row, and after releasing them, they were never seen again. Lots of fox and coyote around here, and thats probably what got them. I hope you have better luck.

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