An "old friend" came back by for a "visit" ~ pics~


13 Years
Jan 23, 2007
N.E. Louisiana
About this time last year, this water mocassin showed up in the yard. He finally went on his way & went down to the bayou.


Yesterday, I saw the chickens doing their "there's a snake in the yard" positions. It was around the same area where I saw the one last year. I had to get them back by waving a broom in the air,lol. That freaked them out more than the snake,silly birds.

I tell ya, it's the biggest mocassin we've ever hubby said it was close to 5 ft long. I guess it's possible it's the same snake,found a nice spot on our yard for winter.

We managed to get it to go in a trash can & moved it down to the water.


We've been having temps in the 80's last few days, guess they'll be more around. I'm always watching where I step this time of year especially.
You're nicer than I am - I would've been screaming at DH to go find a shovel and chop its head off.

If I saw that one in the yard I would've screamed like one of those horror movie girls.
*SIGH* It's that time of year again. I've never seen one that big either! We have several living in the pond but they are nowhere near that size! How nice that your husband helped you move him. Mine is one of those "only good snake is a dead snake" types.
It took a couple of tries with the trash can.We laid it in front of him with some leaves in it & just tapped his tail to get him to move.
We were both very respectful of it,lol. Gave him plenty of space.

We just try to live along with what crawls or slithers around here,lol. I've shared different animals I've run into here, every spring seems to bring another encounter. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Two predators that I can't stand are possums & coons. My dog,Rex takes care of those for me.
a water moccasin is the only snake i'll kill. they are just so down deep mean and ugly. aggressive too. everything else, we just bag and relocate, but i seriously will not have a water moccasin on my place.......alive anyway
I'm so glad you said that, I also have respect for those critters. I don't understand how someone will kill just because it's ugly or scary. You just have to be wary of them and like you said, give them plenty of space!
I'm glad the only thing we have to deal with in Michigan is the Nations worst economy and snow.

I can't deal with snakes...the only thing in this world I have a fear of is a snake.

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