An only chick what should I do?!


May 6, 2017
I’ve had an incubation disaster and only one egg seems to make it to day 9! Is it bad to raise an alone chick as I’ve only got the parents and will it be able to socialise later on with other chickens?
I’ve asked around for some chicks I’m in herts uk but no one seems to have it at this time of year. Any help I would be grateful! Thanks
It might be lonely but if you take care of it properly it has a good chance! But Id keep searching around for a couple more chicks to raise with it!
Hi sorry if I sound silly but could it die from stress on it’s own?
It could or other factors, lack of warmth. Just lose its motivation to live without enough interaction. Other elements unknown to us, or other people might chime in.

But several chicks are always better than just 1!

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