An outcast chicken :( Input PLEASE

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    Jun 7, 2008
    Over a month ago a skunk got in one of my coops and ruffed up one of my chickens. The other chickens went after her so I removed her from the coop. I kept her in a dog crate, next to the coop, so everyone could still see each other. She recovered from the skunk deal but every time I put her back in the coop, the other chickens started pecking her.

    A couple days ago I put her in another coop with different chickens. I watched for about 30 minutes- no pecking. I checked a few more time that day and there didn't appear to be an issue. Well, today I noticed she is getting picked on. [​IMG] She stalks me and tries to fly out/ jump out to me whenever I am around.

    What should I do? [​IMG]

    I am in the process of building a new large coop (I have 3 smaller ones now).

    thanks for any advice
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    Its what they do.......the pecking order. I moved a broody into a cage once so she could raise her babies for a week or 2 in peace. When i let her out, they started the whole pecking order thing again. It seems if you remove a chicken for anything over a day or 2 they have to fight for their place in line again. I would keep her out and start her off in the new coop.
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    Some pecking is to be expected. She has to find her way back into the pecking order.
    My motto is, if they're not drawing blood I let them work it out. I feel bad for the lowest member in my flock. She's an outcast, but she does okay. It doesn't seem to bother her that she doesn't have much of a kinship with her flockmates and I try to make it up to her as much as possible by spending extra time with her.

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