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    Hi guys! I've been away for awhile and just came back right before the change. I am not computer savvy,so I'm going to learn it slowly. I know there are tons of new members,but there may be a few older members that remember me and maybe some still have chickens from eggs they got from me.[​IMG] Anyway, I still have chickens, though not so many. Feed is just too high. I really have only cuckoo marans and a few left over older hens. I just can't bear to get rid of them. I was one of the first members to have marans, when cuckoo was pretty much all you could get. I think I may have to check out the blues though. I love blue chickens. Along with my chickens, we have our faithful dog,Trixie, who still thinks everything has a place and should be in it. We added a boxer puppy two years ago and he is now a 100 pound big,baby. Both are good with the chickens. I am still married,going on 20 years to Jimmy. My daughters are growing up, as happens, even against our will. Mt elder daughter,Alicia, is in her second semester of college, but is actually a Sophomore because she graduated(3rd in her class) with 15 college hours. She just got invited to join the National Honor Society and made the Chancellor's honor roll. Her sister,Elizabeth, is a Junior now. I can't believe my baby is 17 years old! She is an incredible young lady and makes good grades, though she is not an overachiever like her sister,lol. We still live in SW Tn and it is COLD today. I plan to be around more often and will probably be on the prowl for eggs later this Spring. I will probably also offer my eggs again, so if you want some cuckoo marans eggs, keep watching for me.

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    Loong time NO see! [​IMG]

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