Anatomy of a Rooster and Health

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    Nov 11, 2014
    Hi everyone,

    I know roosters are a dime a dozen. As a rather new chicken keeper (second season in Canadian winters) | am learning of many advantages and disadvantages to keeping chickens.

    I have a great new rooster for my girls named Hook. He came with 5 hens that I quarantined for several weeks. Looked super healthy. He is spry, observant ( one eyed after a sprawl at the previous owners home, that roo now lives with a goat) and appeared healthy till today.
    I came home and checked the gang as usual, all the girls were in the run, but Hook was on a roost inside the coop. 3 hrs before dark.
    This was the first free range evening for the blended group. Hook followed his girls out, but had no feathers on the underside of him or on his butt?? Tail feathers missing too, but that was from his former fight I believe. Several feather placements (stubs) in the tail area look healed but swollen. I cleaned him up which he seemed ok with. My question is, what does the normal and abnormal anatomy of a rooster look like. My guess is this is a first time question on BYC
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    Could you post some photos? I'm having a hard time picturing exactly what you're describing.

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