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  1. Hi, I built my turkey run out of T posts and the wire is too saggy without good top supports. I'd like to re-do it with 4x4 wood posts and board top supports.

    However, the whole thing sits over my septic field, and I don't think digging posts down would be a great idea even though the tractor auger would make it relatively easy...

    Could I anchor the 4x4's in place with either those concrete deck blocks or maybe by setting them inside a big concrete block filled with gravel? I have some 12 x 12 block on hand. Could even concrete 'em into the block if that would do it.

    The run does not have to be Fort Knox as the turkeys sleep inside a fully enclosed coop at night. It just needs to keep the turkeys in, the poodlish terror (my dog) out, and be less saggy that what I have now.

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    Make a run over a septic field and eventually you could be removing your run?
  3. Yeah, that's another reason I don't want to set posts in the ground. Posts anchored in a block could be picked up and moved w/ the tractor if the run needed to come apart for some reason.

    I plan to bolt the overhead 2x4's to the posts, so those will be easy to take apart. And the overhead cross pieces to stop the sagging will be screwed into Simpson hurricane ties - also very easy to take apart.

    Having the fenced run there works out OK - keeps anyone from accidentally driving over the septic since it's right next to one of our farm roads and it has been run over a few times by accident.
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    Oh my, I wouldn't even want to drive t-posts into a leachfield. That could be expensive.

    Your best bet would be chainlink dog kennel (run) panels, bolted together, and instead of the usual posts stabilizing the corners you would attach wood or metal diagonal pieces to keep the corners rigid. (Like, the diagonal braces would be horizontal and connect two adjacent panels where they meet at the corner, you know?)

    If that is not financially feasible, or if the ground is too uneven, I think your only other choice would be to more or less build your own run panels of that sort out of strong, probably pressure-treated wood and wire mesh, and bolt them together at the corners, and brace diagonally bridging the corner as described above. If necessary you could construct the bottom edge of the panel to conform to a slope etc in the ground.

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    run a wire or cable through ya fencing along the top of ya posts.pull between every post and tie at each.
  6. Pat, DH also suggested building panels. The leachfield is set pretty deep in our climate. Can t-posts hurt it?

    First, we are going to try using U-bolts to put up some 2x4's atop the T-posts, then I could use that UV stabilized plastic conduit for top pieces to stop the sagging. If that doesn't work, then it's either panels or something along those lines.

    the1much, what would stop the T-posts from leaning inward when the line along the top of them is pulled in? I don't quite understand your suggestion, I guess.
  7. Well, my problem solved itself. Someone came over to buy a couple of turkeys and they bought them all! I should be able to take the saggy top off and just use it for chickens now.

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