Ancona DUCK eggs


13 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
I am looking for some ancona duck hatching eggs. Only looking for 12-20. Somewhere in that range

I just want to hatch a few that aren't related to mine.
I am willing to pay, or trade for other duck eggs. I have an assortment right now, but can separate and trade a few specific breeds if interested. I have pekin, khaki campbell, welsh harlequin, blue swedish (some crested), fawn and white runner (one of each gender), muscovy (not currently laying) buff (hens only)

Please PM me if you have some or know of anyone who might!
There was a guy near me who was selling all of his ducks. He bought the eggs for his kids to hatch for fun. I ended up buying his ducks when he sold them. I think the eggs originally came from a breeder, but he had lost their contact info.

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