Ancona duck hatching eggs

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    Ancona duck hatching eggs

    I have a blue drake and a silver drake over blue, black, and tri-color hens. About 25% are green eggs. Most of my ducks came from Worth It Farms. The majority of the ducklings that I've hatched have been blue, but you could get a variety of colors.

    $3.00 per egg + $10 or $15 shipping (depends on quantity of eggs ordered and size of box needed); shipped via USPS priority mail

    Payment via PayPal or cash for local pickup in Olympia, WA

    I collect and turn eggs daily and keep them at around 50 degrees F. I give them a quick rinse under running water if they are muddy (the ducks in particular seem to get their eggs dirty), but I try to do as little rinsing as possible.

    If I have any extra eggs on the day your order ships, I will include them, too.

    The usual shipped egg disclaimer: I check my eggs' fertility periodically and package them very carefully with bubble wrap and other packing materials in sturdy boxes. That said, I have no control over them once I drop them off at my local post office. As is usual with shipped eggs, I can't guarantee that the eggs will arrive safely or by the Postal Service's ETA. Shipping hatching eggs is risky. Please be be aware of this before purchasing eggs.
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