ancona ducks: Need some quick guidance... Is now too late for a broody to start sitting?


16 Years
Apr 5, 2007
hello everyone,

When I went to let out the ducks, one hung back and was limping and did not leave the coop with the others. She was holding up her left foot and limping. I went back to check it out and she is on the nest and hissing at me when I enter the coop. Now I'm wondering if she was doing the 'lame duck' thing to keep me away from her nest?

I left food and water for her and shut the door but now the question is: how late in the year is too late for a brood to be hatched? Should I leave her or take her out of there and hope for next spring instead?

I hope someone can advise me as I have no clue if she's broody or injured. Thanks very much.

update: Could see her in the coop and she was still limping even though I wasn't near her. She got to drink and eat and sat back on the nest.

second update: now she's off the nest and rejoined the others but still really favoring that left leg. Can't see anything wrong with it but I haven't gotten ahold of her yet.
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